Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas from the boss - Eddie.

Merry Christmas folks. Well you can see by my proud and noble stance that I'm the leader. I can handle all this fuss from the humans and anyone else for that matter, I just love it. I don't mind having bows stuck on me, everyone knows that I'm no pussy, and talking about Pussy, I'll just let you in on something....the reason why there is no photo of Puss on the blog. She has fallen from favour in a really big way. While the humans were just away for 5 minutes at a place they call the 'bottle shop', purchasing ingredients for the Christmas Egg Nog, Puss devoured one of three chicken pies which were thawing on the kitchen bench, waiting to be placed in the oven when the humans returned. It wasn't a pretty sight I can tell you, little bits of pastry and chicken gravy on the floor.... the humans weren't happy Jan. Anyway Puss has missed out this year, and there'll have to be some serious mouse catching before she'll be in the good books again. Merry Christmas from me Eddie.

Seasons Greetings from Scoutie

Yep ! it's me Scout, as you can see I'm about as excited at having this Christmas bow around my neck as I'd be having a bath in iced water. It shouldn't be allowed. I'll wish you all Seasons Greetings though, and perhaps agree with Archie below, that we always score a few good hand outs in the way of food at Christmas time, I'm pretty keen on my food as the humans will surely confirm. Have a great Christmas and I'll see you in 2010

Merry Christmas from Archie.

Have you noticed how the humans are really funny about putting ribbons and bows on everything that'll stay still for a split second. Well I hate to say it but the mistress has caught up with me too. But let me say, I really do like Christmas, lots of visitors, all saying what a lovely little chap I've become. Yeh ! it's o.k. There's always little treats and lots of cuddles. Yeh ! I think I could handle Christmas maybe twice a year. Woof... (that means Merry Christmas in doggie talk, from me Archie.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here come the choppers.

Wow ! Thank heavens they're ours. Four noisy, low flying choppers, over the top of the mango trees in Brisbane is certainly a different site. Over the house they came 4 or 5 times during the day, and then to scare the wits out of every individual watching t.v. that night, they did it all again a couple of times. Actually I like any type of aircraft and seeing them flying so close was very interesting. Thanks for being out there and training hard. It's good to know we are well looked after in the Lucky Country.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slipping on the Brisbane River.

I've never seen a boat of any type being slipped, so this little adventure was all new to me. Here The Visitor has finished her yearly slipping and is gently being cradled by massive slings, then slowly taken back to the river. It's a delicate operation and one requiring lots of care concentration and expertise.

The New Bridge.

Here, I'm looking back at the new construction taking place as we are heading towards the mouth of the river. Every time I travel across the bridge I can't help trying to have a bit of a 'sticky beak' at the progress taking place, but seeing it all from water level is totally different. Just thought I'd share it all with you. You can check out more of my pics by visiting and if you'd like to leave a comment here, on my blog, I'd love to read it. Thanks Margi.

Gateway Bridge Construction.

Here is a different view of the Gateway Bridge, both the existing bridge and the new bridge being built. It's a mighty construction and very different when viewed from below. One can't help wondering how all those enormous concrete sections have been maneuvered into place so precisely.

Our very interesting Brisbane River.

Just recently I had a very interesting trip up the amazing and very busy Brisbane River. The reason being The Visitor was about to have her yearly maintenance slipping. As usual I was out with the camera and here are a couple of things of interest which I snapped along the way.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a great day for a swim.

Yep ! it sure is a dog's life, racing around in the water, chasing the plovers, or should I say being chased by the plovers. I'm Archie and I'd like to say the humans make a great fuss of the three of us, we really are three pretty spoilt pooches, but that's o.k. we love them in return, keep away unwanted cats etc., etc., and in general are totally devoted to them. It's a great life living by the bay, so much to do and see, and you can see more of my master's images by logging on to Leave her a comment too, she would love to hear from you.

Who let the dogs out ?

Time for a swim, the weather is hot, and I've one of my two best mates with me. Apart from the humans that is, so it must be time for a trip down to the bay for a bit of a dip. There is always the stick to chase or swim out to retrieve. The humans always take along a dish and some water for us to drink, it's pretty thirsty business this swimming in salt water. Just thought I'd mention, I'm Eddie, the handsome one with the stick in my mouth and that's my daughter Scout right by my side, (Archie's in the other picture). You can see us both when we were a little younger by visiting the mistresses web site it's and clicking on Pal's Portraits. Then if you require the mistresses services to capture images of your special 'Pal', be it cat, dog, chook, horse or guinea pig, just contact her, she takes great photos and she'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Visitor.

I've just had a lovely few days aboard The Visitor, my brothers beautiful catamaran. I'm not a lover of boats as I suffer from motion sickness at the drop of a hat, or should I say at the weighing of an anchor. If I do manage to dodge the effects of a rocking boat, I then have the problem of getting back my 'land legs' when I head for shore . Oh my goodness, what a horrible feeling to be sitting in a chair while all around is swaying gently, no I'm not a sailor, not even on anything as stable and luxurious as The Visitor. You can see more of my images by being a 'Visitor' to my web site it's and I would love you to leave a comment here about my blog. Thanks a million.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Why wasn't I consulted ?

Yes..... well that's what I'd like to know. If they'd asked me, Eddie in the very beginning, I would have told them in no uncertain terms that you just can't expect an old man, such as myself to doss down, permanently mind you, with a younger female, Scout, and a mere lad Archie. What were they thinking ? Anyway, last night was, shall we say a 'first night try out' to see if we could all co-exist in a friendly manner. It didn't work. I was allowed, as I should have been, to enter the new house first and therefore claimed it as my own, the other two, well I just tolerated them until the humans had gone to bed, then it was eviction time. Being a coolish night the other two carried on, i.e. trying to get through the closed Dog Door, several times, and scratching claws down the security screen repeatedly. This continued until one of the humans finally arose from slumber to let them inside. Scout settled down on a couple of old dressing gowns and a bit of a blanket, and Archie sneaked under the mistresses feather doona. I don't know, they don't make these young ones out of tough stuff, they're such softies these days. Anyway, the humans, whom I think are a little soft too, were off to the pet shop today to purchase another 'house', gosh the skies the limit around here, I now have my own batchelor pad, while the other two have to share accomodation. It sure is a dog's life.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

In the Dog House.

Just purchased, new low set residence ready for tenants. This lovely new home is suitable for communal living of up to 3 parties, all occupants must be on excellent terms with each other, no growling, snapping, or biting will be tolerated. No digging in the owners garden, or urinating in other than designated area will be permitted. In exchange for this lovely new home the occupants must be on duty 24 hours a day, be willing to chase and expel any trespassing felines, and hawkers, and in general continue to be the 3 loving little Fox Terriers they have always been.

Friday, October 9, 2009

How about the Lads !

This group of handsome pipers looked fantastic, thank you all for the great music. You all looked so impressive marching along in the sunshine, a pipe band always seems to add that something special to any procession. I would think the bagpipes would be a pretty difficult instrument to play.

The flamboyant Belly Dancers

Ladies and children, what a colourful happy part of the Spring Festival procession. The breeze coming off the bay was perfect for showing off flowing skirts etc., you all looked and sounded fantastic.

Spring Festival - Redland Ladies Drum Corps.

Just look at those girls, stepping it out at a brisk pace, dressed in their smart red and white uniform, yes they can drum as well. Good on you ladies, you looked and sounded wonderful.

What about this dog ?

This great dog was rounding up three ducks and obeying his masters every command. I have two ducks and five hens myself, and sometimes I certainly could do with a dog like this. Isn't he fantastic. I think I'll take Archie down to the Spring Fair, and get this dog to give him a few lessons. Nothing like learning from the professional.

The Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is here again and the Wynnum - Manly foreshore is a buzz with activity. I jumped on my scooter and took a very quick trip to the waterfront to check things out. Things were just starting to crank up, a singer was on the main stage, and people with their little children were beginning to arrive. This is part of the scene that greeted me, (sorry there's no audio).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Manly Village at night.

Manly Harbour Village at night, is just as bright and sparkling as it is by day. There is always something happening. The Spring Festival, and the Halloween Street Parade, that's on Saturday, October, 31st. There's lots to see, do and eat. The Halloween event gets bigger and better each year, so don't miss out on all the fun. Hop along and enjoy the festivities, you might be freaked out entirely, there's more than a ghost of a chance you'll have a fun time. Manly Saturday October 31st, is the place to be if you want to have a great Saturday night. Visit to see more of my images, and I'd really like to read your comments about my blog, so don't be shy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From a different location.

Manly Boat Harbour - in a different light.

Today Manly Boat Harbour Marina is shrouded with a red dust haze from the West. It's hard to believe these two images were taken from practically the same spot on the Esplanade at Manly, but obviously on very different days. This occurrence doesn't happen too often thank goodness, but when it does it certainly presents a startling contrast to the normal sparkling water front we are used to.

Manly Boat Harbour - as usual.

On a normal day this is how the Manly Boat Harbour Marina looks. Sparkling, calm, clean and simply stunning. The perfect place to have your beautiful pleasure craft moored. Close to all the amenities of Manly, lovely eating places, specialty shops, the Manly Hotel, the Information Centre where the staff are always so happy and helpful, and so much more. Aren't we all so lucky to live here, it's perfect.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here we have the latest addition to our family, his name is Billy and he flew into our lives a couple of months ago. He has a very loud voice, a very good appetite, a very strong bite, and a very loving nature. Try as we may to teach him to talk, we have been unsuccessful, for unfortunately he has refused to utter a single word in English. He loves to sit and poop on shoulders, play with long earrings, nibble hair, and generally behave in a pretty spoilt manner. We are hoping for great things from Billy but there have certainly been so signs as yet. Come on Billy, you're a true blue Ozzie, do the right thing. manner

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Aussie Bush.

Camping in the Aussie country side, is wonderful this time of year, well anytime of year really. It's a way to get back to basics, just relax and forget about the stresses we have in our lives, if only for a few days, we all should do it, often. Eddie, Scout and Archie all had a wonderful time too, it certainly is a dog's life.

Camping in September.

Last weekend we all went camping. 'All' means friends, family and the foxies. We had a wonderful time, saw a couple of snakes, a goanna, heaps of birds, a kangaroo, several possums and hardly any people. IT WAS JUST PERFECT. One can easily pass up the conveniences for the sound of a bubbling creek, the song of birds, and time to read and chat with good mates over the camp fire in the evening. Who could ask for anything more really. Here is a pic of the beautiful creek right next to our campsite, and you can see more of my pics by visiting

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Archie.

G'day I'm Archie it's my birthday today I'm two years old, so I think it's quite o.k. for me to be found lolling about in this heap of washing. There are certain things that should be overlooked on a dog's birthday and this is one of them. If you go to my masters web site you'll see something they call a 'link' to the Pal's Portraits section and there you'll see some more of my family and friends. Happy Birthday Archie.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Look out for David Linton's Gallery.

Here is David Linton's Gallery at Maleny, I'm showing you a pic of the building as I'd hate you to drive past and miss seeing all the wonderful things inside, including my images on canvas. You'll love everything.

David Linton's wonderful Maleny Gallery

When you visit Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, make sure you call and see David Linton's wonderful gallery and shop in the main street of Maleny. David is an acclaimed local furniture maker, with over 25 years experience in creating amazing, quality furniture. Visit his web site at and get a taste. In David's gallery you will discover not only beautiful furniture, but hand made jewellery, gifts and homewares, local artwork and sculptures. Amongst all these beautiful things you will see some of my images on canvas, hanging right there on the walls, just waiting to be given a lovely new home in which to live, here's how they look. You may see more of my work by visiting,

Monday, August 17, 2009

The birds all love Manly too.

There is such a variety of small water birds here on the bay, we are so very lucky. One can observe them quiet easily, because at this time of year it seems they are everywhere. Just waiting for someone to come along and go 'click' with the camera, capturing another lovely memory of their day. I was fortunate enough to see these lovely little fellows, on the bank or knee deep in water, just hanging around catching up on all the goss, and telling a few good fishing stories I guess.

I've looked in my Field Guide of Aussie birds and I'm pretty sure amongst these little fellows there are some Black-Winged Stilts, if not, can some good person please leave me information, along with a comment, so I can correct my blog if need be. You can see more of my pictures by visiting my web site at

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Farmers Markets at Manly.

The Farmers Markets at Manly are wonderful, I visited there this morning at 6.30 a.m. there was plenty of parking and it was great to get in early. There is everything at The Farmers Markets, fresh fruit and vegies, gourmet items, fish, meat, lots of craft, clothing, etc. etc., It's a place with great atmosphere, you'll always see someone you know, and that of course creates the opportunity for a hot coffee or two. The markets are held in the park just across the road from "Boats" where I have some of my images on canvas on display, and of course for sale, you can take a look and if you like what you see, visit my web site it's then you can click on Margi's blog and read all of this, and more.

Manly's Marina - Wow !

Day in the Park - Manly.

The Day in the Park at Manly last Sunday was great. There was fantastic live music, lots of people enjoying themselves, plenty of eats, craft, and perfect weather. A couple of old birds were seen standing around giving people
directions, they persisted for some time, I don't know if anyone had the manners to thank them.
It was a great day, thanks to all the hard work of the organizers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In a beautiful Hinterland Home.

Occasionally the opportunity comes along to view my work in the buyers home, which always gives me a thrill and makes me feel very proud. These two images are in the home of my web designer, and I thank you Sharyn for showing such belief in my work back in those early days. Sharyn's a very imaginative web designer living in the lovely Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Her other talents include web hosting, journalism, and copy writing. She offers an amazing service to clients and just recently made changes to my site with in the hour, how good is that ! E-mail her at and take a look at her work by visiting my web site,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where to eat and what to see.

Boats Bar and Restaurant is situated in the heart of Manly. I think there are at least three good reasons for going there. The food is great, the view is stunning, and you can see my images on canvas. Make it for brekky and order the delicious Eggs Benedict. Oh so yummy...............

...and whilst dining at Boats, just take in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of the Manly Marina with it's pleasure craft of all shapes and sizes. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and when you have a moment take a look at my images. Then if you'd like to see more go to

Out with Archie.

What a glorious day for a stroll with Archie around the water front, the sun is shining the bay is as calm as a mill pond, and there's just a hint of cloud in the skies. I then snap a few shots to capture the mood of the day. After all this strenuous activity what could be nicer than to visit Boats Bar & Restaurant, say g'day, and have a coffee. Boats is in the heart of Manly and has been a great supporter of my work for some time now. When you call in do try their Eggs Benedict, they are the best I've ever had, and while you're there take a look at a few of my images. You can see lots more by visiting my web site it's Let me know what you think of them.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A walk in the park.

Living here by the Bay we have lots of wonderful bush walks, our little Fox Terriers come with us, on the leash of course. There is Eddie, he's the old man of the group, Scout his devoted daughter, and then there is the mischievous little Archie, the 'new kid on the block'. Where we walk there are lots of birds, and I believe the odd Koala, although I haven't seen any as yet. It's peaceful and gives one time to get ones thoughts in perspective, apart from the exercise for both the doggies and ourselves. With the way our lives seem to heading these days, there seems very little time for a 'walk in the park'. It's so good to just get away from it all and relax under our beautiful blue Aussie skies. This pic is a 'once' beautiful old tree, however it's still majestic and imposing standing there in all its stark glory.

What have I been doing ?

I can't believe its been so long since I've posted an entry, however, when I think back to just how hectic it's been in the last few weeks, it's certainly no wonder.

Here in lovely Manly Queensland we have a progressive Chamber of Commerce and each year they publish the Manly Harbour Village Magazine. It's a high quality glossy A4 size publication, telling of the activities in our lovely bay side community and proposed future development. I'm very happy because three of my photographs have been accepted for the 2009 publication. I can't wait for the magazine to be printed.

The St. John Vianney's School Community Art Showcase was held last weekend and was open to local artists, Oil, Water and Acrylic, also sculptors and photographers. It was a great event, well patronised with a very enthusiastic group of bidders at the auction on the Friday night. Each artist was allowed two entries to showcase and have for sale. One of my images has found a new home, a panoramic shot of the Manly Harbour Marina, 2 mtr x .5 mtr, taken in mid afternoon with a storm approaching from the south, thank you so much to the purchaser, I know you love it just as much as I do. You can see more of my photographs by visiting my web site it's

While at the Art Show I met Elizabeth De Luca, an amazing lady who creates the most wonderful lampwork beads and jewellery. Her studio, Creative Arty Facts is here on the bay and you can see her work by visiting The jewellery Liz creates is absolutely beautiful but visit her web site and see for yourself.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lovely fresh mushrooms - yummy.

Are you a lover of mushrooms but sometimes feel they are 'way to expensive for the budget this week'. Well there is a solution, and here is ours. We often purchase mushroom compost. It's sold in plastic wrap (as seen in the photo) and is easily transported in the car. We mostly use it to top dress the garden, as it contains no weeds. However, we haven't always used every portion of compost, and after leaving it outside, with no special treatment, we've been delighted to find wonderful fresh flavoursome mushrooms ready to pick. You can see more of my pics at

Fresh fish for dinner.

Last week we went fishing, I caught the first fish which was way too small and consequently was returned to the briny. However my daughter caught a 1.4 kg Grunter which we enjoyed for dinner that evening. I can't tell you how he tasted other than to say he was delicious. However I can show you how good he looked when he emerged from the oven. Eat your heart out Master Chef. You can see more of my pics at

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's a different view of the Manly Marina, through the trees.

The Manly Marina is looking simply stunning today, lots of expensive and not so expensive pleasure craft, all sparkling in the sun. I'm not a sailor myself and prefer to admire boats rather than venture out on one. I've taken a few 'shots' of the Marina, here are a couple, I haven't included any on my web site as yet, but there are some of the lovely Brisbane Water, on the Central Coast of N.S.W. It's a beautiful place too.

Where I Live.

Where I live there are beautiful peaceful waterways where one can fish from the bank or a boat. Paddle a kayak alone or with a good mate. Take in the scenery and wildlife, or just take it easy relaxing in the sun. Of course there is always time to get out the camera and capture a moment or two of the days outing. The choice is yours. If you'd like to see more of my images, you can visit my web site

Beautiful 'Uluru'.

Have you been to Central Australia, walked the track around the base of beautiful 'Uluru' and felt the warm outback sun gently on your back ? Have you experienced the total peace and been absorbed in the tranquility that is the heart of our wonderful country. If the answer is no, then just give yourself a moment to gaze into this image, and feel the beauty and magic. To see more images of the Territory and other parts of Australia visit my web site at Thanks Margi.