Friday, March 11, 2011

More Action at the Exhibition.

Opening night of our Art Exhibition at Scattered Arts, Camp Hill, was very successful with great attendance. Thanks so much to everyone who came along and helped Paula and Margi celebrate a very successful exhibition opening.
The event will be open till April 1st, so don't miss out seeing great local talent. You'll find something that catches your eye. Something that's perfect to enhance that special spot on the wall. See more of Margi's images by visiting

Exhibition at Scattered Arts.

Scattered Arts is situated at 6 Newman Avenue, Camp Hill on the south side of Bris, about 10 minutes from the CBD. Margi has a joint exhibition with fellow co-op member water colourist, Paula Stanton. Work is on show and for sale untill the end of April, so do get along, there is bound to be something that catches your eye. Combined Paula and Margi are showing approximately 60 works, so there is plenty to choose from. Then when you get a moment please leave a comment, they'd both love to hear from you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mostly, water's good fun.

Hello there, it's the three of us Eddie, Archie and Cubbie. Well we've been just about stir crazy these last few weeks, we've not been able to get out and have a bit of a run. However today the humans took us all for a bit of an adventure, and boy oh boy, did we need it. This rain might be o.k. for ducks, but it's no good for
Fox Terriers, we like to be out and about, chasing lizards, and investigating everything we see. But most of all we love to be racing through puddles, getting wet and filthy and then falling asleep because we're so tired.

The river rushes on.

Looking back towards the CBD, it looks a picture perfect day, and if it wasn't for the flooding river, it would be. The speed of the filthy muddy deluge was estimated at around 30 kph, boats ripped from their moorings, pontoons, shipping container, and family belongings were all seen rushing on their way out of the mouth of the Brisbane River and into Moreton Bay. Stay strong and brave beautiful Brisbane. Leave a comment, tell us how you've managed in this crisis. you can see more of margi's images by visiting her web site

The William Jolly Bridge.

Here, peeping through the trees along the top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, you can see the William Jolly Bridge. One of the many busy links across the Brisbane River to the beautiful city of Brisbane. The muddy flood waters are swirling around the pylons, trapping debris carried along by the current and creating whirlpools.

Kangaroo Point. Brisbane

Looking down to the park and recreation area at the base of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs late yesterday afternoon, this was the sight that greeted ones eyes. To the right is a picnic table, but everything, paths, lawns, safety railings etc., all completely covered with the swirling, filthy, stinking, flood water. Chin up Beautiful Brisbane.

Someones Dreams.

This is just one of the many boats which were washed down the Brisbane River this week. I can imagine the proud owners of this lovely little boat, sitting there on their pontoon, planning their next fishing adventure, or trip across to the islands for the day. It's heartbreaking, such devastation and destruction, along with loss of precious lives. Mother Nature can be such a force to be reconned with.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coast Guard - Brisbane River in flood.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been there to help the people of Beautiful Brisbane in our darkest hour. The stories and vision seen on t.v. have been extra ordinary to say the least. Anna Bligh has show herself to be a worthy premier of this state, she has been inspirational to the people of Queensland during this terrible episode, which will now be part of our history.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wot Father Christmas left.

Well, I can't see much house work being done in future, (it's me again, Cubbie) once the mistress places her self in this lovely swinging seat and her nose in the latest Jeffrey Archer novel, there'll be no telling when she'll surface again. Who knows, we may never be fed again. I've heard her say how comfortable it is and how she dozed of the other day. None of these things are really good signs, though I have to agree with her. When she was reading the other day I was on her lap and I had no trouble in dozing off, so there you are. However I think the mistress will be pretty mad if she finds a tuft or two of the cats hair in her lovely new swinging seat, it's out of bounds to felines. I have a feeling something might be said.

G'day from Eddie.

Judging by the comments from other members of our K9 family, I'm beginning to think there's been some pretty sloppy behavour over the Festive Season. I certainly wasn't involved as you can see by my bright eyes and smiling face. 'Early to bed early to rise' that's my motto, and of course with age comes wisdom. Anyway Happy New Year to everyone, K9s or humans it doesn't matter. I think this year of 2011 is going to be a real beauty, from what I hear there seems to be some pretty exciting events in store.

I've just had my first birthday.

Hi there it's me Cubbie, and I had my very first birthday on New Years day, so that means I was 1 on the 1-1-11 how good is that? But I'm tired out, the festive season has really taken it out of me, I'm not used to all this partying, rich food, and late nights with lots of whistleing and happy new yearing, I'm a bit young for this scene. Everybody says that Archie and I look alike, and it's true what do you think. Well I need to get a little shut eye, a girl needs her beauty sleep you know.

Happy New Year !

Hi there, and Happy New Year to all. It's me Archie and I have to say I'm glad this festive season is over. I've eaten far too much, partied far too hard, (up till 3.30 a.m. on New Years Eve), and I need a rest. I'm only 3, well maybe just over 3, and I feel like and am acting like a sluggish old dog. I'll have to rest and get my act together if I'm to keep up with the other two. The humans also embibed somewhat, I thought to myself 'what a fine example they're setting'. You can see more of the mistresses pics by visiting and do leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you. How was your Christmas anyway?