Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer is on the way.

With Summer almost here, it's time to take a closer look at all the wonderful and healthy vegies in your fruit and veg store, just waiting for you. Have you tried Three Peas in a Pod, the fantastic fruit and vegie emporium on Wondall Road, Manly West. They have a wonderful range of the freshest fruit and vegies, there's heaps of herbs as well as lots of other yummy things. Their staff are so helpful too, a great place to get the greens.

Anyone for Coffee.

Does this image make you feel like making yourself a cup of steaming hot coffee, adding lashings of cream and maybe sugar, then indulging a little more with some lovely dark chocolate? Yes !..... Good.. that's just what I wanted you to say, I want you to look at my images and take on the feeling I'm hoping to convey. You can see more of my images by visiting my web site it's www.margiparton.com and do leave a comment.

You're right, we got into trouble.

Well it was just so tempting, we, (that's Cubbie and me, Archie), both knew the mistress had this wonderful bag of teddies in the cupboard. She's always been most carefull to make sure we're outside so we wouldn't get into mischief, anyway we've had a couple of rainy days and dogs never forget where fun stuff is, especially if it's something they shouldn't get into. So we were caught big time, we ruined two teddies, and the mistress was not impressed. Now we've been banished from the house, we've had to put jumpers on, and really behave ourselves. No digging, no barking, and certainly no chewing or mutilating of teddies. You can see more of the mistresses pictures by visiting http://www.margiparton.com/