Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day colour and smiles.

The line up of kids to see and be entertained by 'Bumbles the Balloonatic' was amazing, lots of colour and smiles all around on the faces of kids enjoying themselves. Thanks 'Bumbles' for a great smile. Australia Day on the bay this year was fantastic. You can see more of my pics by visiting my web site it's and don't be shy, leave a comment here too.

Hot Sausage Sizzle

Can you imagine Australia Day without a Sausage Sizzle somewhere, why it would be like going fishing and catching nothing, something would be seriously missing. But this young couple weren't missing out. I can smell the sausages and onions right now. What a great way to spend such a special day, then home a little later to watch Ricky and the Boys do us proud. You might have guessed I'm a bit of a cricket fan too. Have a Great Australia Day, and stand by our flag, just the way it is. You just can't improve on something so perfect can you. You can see more of my images by visiting and don't be shy about leaving a comment, I'd be over the moon, fair dinkum I would.

Australia Day, by the Bay 2010

G'day all, it doesn't matter how hot it is, if you're proud enough to drape our beautiful Australian flag around your shoulders when its 36 degrees, I say good on you mate. There's always a breeze off the bay and plenty of h2o to cool you down. In the park on the Esplanade at Manly, great celebrations were to be had on Australia Day morning. There was a free sausage sizzle and pancakes to be had, thanks to the hard work of the services clubs and their members. Greetings of "Happy Australia Day"! were flying through the air thicker than a swarm of starving locusts, and of course there was "That Flag", a loved and cherished part of our very being. Don't ever let me hear talk about changing our flag, it's simply blasphemy to even think of it. You can see more of my images by visiting my web site it's and if you'd like to leave a comment right here right now, I'd be as happy as a pig in mud.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why are they calling me Freckles ?

Well we've had such hot weather lately that a decision was made to give me a good clipping. Now they're calling me Freckles. It felt a little strange at first, but I soon got used to it. It's me, Archie, yes I know you can't see my face, I do look 'different' and just check out what she's done to my tail, it looks like an artists paint brush ! However, because I look so handsome, the mistress thought it was time to give me a dancing lesson, I was so tired and full of Christmas food I just couldn't raise my sorry rear end from the kitchen floor. Have a Happy New Year everyone from me, 'Archie'. You can see more of the mistresses images by visiting I know she'd love you to take a look.

Happy New Year.

Well I just can't believe, Christmas and New Year have come and gone again. This festive season was much quieter in our home. Gifts were opened on Christmas Eve again this year, accompanied by Egg Nog. Who said "You have to be sitting around a log fire with snow on the ground outside to justify enjoying Egg Nog", certainly not me. Christmas Day was delightfully peaceful in the true sense of the word. A relaxing brekky, an afternoon paddle on one of our beautiful local creeks in the kayaks, (Foxies on board too), then home to more relaxation and more Egg Nog, with friends and family visiting from Boxing Day onwards. This arrived with one of our guests, yummy, yummy ! Thanks a million John.