Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Purely Passion 8

There is a great new gourmet food venue which you should check out. It's called Purely Passion 8 and owned by Michael and Beck. Situated right in the heart of Manly Harbour Village Shopping Centre it offers those sweet and cheeky delights we all love to eat. While you're there check out the decor and you'll find three of my images on display and for sale. These ones were taken at a small boutique winery in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Please drop me a comment, I'd love to hear from you. You can also visit my web site at

H 4 Hospitality.

When you go along to cooking classes at H4Hospitality in Wynnum, you don't have to worry about cooking on a stove like this one thank heavens. This old stove lived it's life in the home of a very hard working family and I'm sure has cooked many a scrumptious meal. I'm happy to have my 'stove' on display and for sale at H4Hospitality but I can assure you their cooking facilities are clean fresh and modern, check them out at You can see more of my images by visiting Please leave a comment when you have a moment.

Did someone say it's a dogs life.

'Archie, are you sure it's o.k. to be lying on the mistresses white quilt cover like this '? 'Oh, I don't know Cubbie, I'm just so comfortable, you just give a yapp if you hear her coming and we can both scramble off the bed and go for our lives. Even if she does catch us up here she's such a softy she never goes crook, I've got her 'round my little paw I recon. Woops ! she's got that wreched camera out again, Oh no, she's caught us 'Red Pawed', I'll bet we end up on the blessed thing she calls her Blog, for all the world to see, I don't know Cubbie, there's just no privacy any more'. You can see more of my pics by visiting