Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here come the choppers.

Wow ! Thank heavens they're ours. Four noisy, low flying choppers, over the top of the mango trees in Brisbane is certainly a different site. Over the house they came 4 or 5 times during the day, and then to scare the wits out of every individual watching t.v. that night, they did it all again a couple of times. Actually I like any type of aircraft and seeing them flying so close was very interesting. Thanks for being out there and training hard. It's good to know we are well looked after in the Lucky Country.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slipping on the Brisbane River.

I've never seen a boat of any type being slipped, so this little adventure was all new to me. Here The Visitor has finished her yearly slipping and is gently being cradled by massive slings, then slowly taken back to the river. It's a delicate operation and one requiring lots of care concentration and expertise.

The New Bridge.

Here, I'm looking back at the new construction taking place as we are heading towards the mouth of the river. Every time I travel across the bridge I can't help trying to have a bit of a 'sticky beak' at the progress taking place, but seeing it all from water level is totally different. Just thought I'd share it all with you. You can check out more of my pics by visiting and if you'd like to leave a comment here, on my blog, I'd love to read it. Thanks Margi.

Gateway Bridge Construction.

Here is a different view of the Gateway Bridge, both the existing bridge and the new bridge being built. It's a mighty construction and very different when viewed from below. One can't help wondering how all those enormous concrete sections have been maneuvered into place so precisely.

Our very interesting Brisbane River.

Just recently I had a very interesting trip up the amazing and very busy Brisbane River. The reason being The Visitor was about to have her yearly maintenance slipping. As usual I was out with the camera and here are a couple of things of interest which I snapped along the way.