Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From a different location.

Manly Boat Harbour - in a different light.

Today Manly Boat Harbour Marina is shrouded with a red dust haze from the West. It's hard to believe these two images were taken from practically the same spot on the Esplanade at Manly, but obviously on very different days. This occurrence doesn't happen too often thank goodness, but when it does it certainly presents a startling contrast to the normal sparkling water front we are used to.

Manly Boat Harbour - as usual.

On a normal day this is how the Manly Boat Harbour Marina looks. Sparkling, calm, clean and simply stunning. The perfect place to have your beautiful pleasure craft moored. Close to all the amenities of Manly, lovely eating places, specialty shops, the Manly Hotel, the Information Centre where the staff are always so happy and helpful, and so much more. Aren't we all so lucky to live here, it's perfect.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here we have the latest addition to our family, his name is Billy and he flew into our lives a couple of months ago. He has a very loud voice, a very good appetite, a very strong bite, and a very loving nature. Try as we may to teach him to talk, we have been unsuccessful, for unfortunately he has refused to utter a single word in English. He loves to sit and poop on shoulders, play with long earrings, nibble hair, and generally behave in a pretty spoilt manner. We are hoping for great things from Billy but there have certainly been so signs as yet. Come on Billy, you're a true blue Ozzie, do the right thing. manner

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Aussie Bush.

Camping in the Aussie country side, is wonderful this time of year, well anytime of year really. It's a way to get back to basics, just relax and forget about the stresses we have in our lives, if only for a few days, we all should do it, often. Eddie, Scout and Archie all had a wonderful time too, it certainly is a dog's life.

Camping in September.

Last weekend we all went camping. 'All' means friends, family and the foxies. We had a wonderful time, saw a couple of snakes, a goanna, heaps of birds, a kangaroo, several possums and hardly any people. IT WAS JUST PERFECT. One can easily pass up the conveniences for the sound of a bubbling creek, the song of birds, and time to read and chat with good mates over the camp fire in the evening. Who could ask for anything more really. Here is a pic of the beautiful creek right next to our campsite, and you can see more of my pics by visiting www.margiparton.com