Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lovely fresh mushrooms - yummy.

Are you a lover of mushrooms but sometimes feel they are 'way to expensive for the budget this week'. Well there is a solution, and here is ours. We often purchase mushroom compost. It's sold in plastic wrap (as seen in the photo) and is easily transported in the car. We mostly use it to top dress the garden, as it contains no weeds. However, we haven't always used every portion of compost, and after leaving it outside, with no special treatment, we've been delighted to find wonderful fresh flavoursome mushrooms ready to pick. You can see more of my pics at

Fresh fish for dinner.

Last week we went fishing, I caught the first fish which was way too small and consequently was returned to the briny. However my daughter caught a 1.4 kg Grunter which we enjoyed for dinner that evening. I can't tell you how he tasted other than to say he was delicious. However I can show you how good he looked when he emerged from the oven. Eat your heart out Master Chef. You can see more of my pics at

Friday, June 26, 2009

Here's a different view of the Manly Marina, through the trees.

The Manly Marina is looking simply stunning today, lots of expensive and not so expensive pleasure craft, all sparkling in the sun. I'm not a sailor myself and prefer to admire boats rather than venture out on one. I've taken a few 'shots' of the Marina, here are a couple, I haven't included any on my web site as yet, but there are some of the lovely Brisbane Water, on the Central Coast of N.S.W. It's a beautiful place too.

Where I Live.

Where I live there are beautiful peaceful waterways where one can fish from the bank or a boat. Paddle a kayak alone or with a good mate. Take in the scenery and wildlife, or just take it easy relaxing in the sun. Of course there is always time to get out the camera and capture a moment or two of the days outing. The choice is yours. If you'd like to see more of my images, you can visit my web site

Beautiful 'Uluru'.

Have you been to Central Australia, walked the track around the base of beautiful 'Uluru' and felt the warm outback sun gently on your back ? Have you experienced the total peace and been absorbed in the tranquility that is the heart of our wonderful country. If the answer is no, then just give yourself a moment to gaze into this image, and feel the beauty and magic. To see more images of the Territory and other parts of Australia visit my web site at Thanks Margi.