Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wot ! Nothing for us !

It's always lovely to have friends to meet you on your return, if only from a trip out on the bay. These fellows had a lot more than a "howdy doody" on their minds, they were waiting in keen anticipation of a feed, but unfortunately there was nothing on the menu. Another beautiful day on the bay, we even heard part if the race called over the the p.a. system on a large grey boat.

On the Bay on Cup Day.

If you couldn't be at the track on Melbourne Cup Day, the next best thing, maybe the best thing was to be out on beautiful Moreton Bay, getting back to nature, trudging through the Mangroves at low tide, feet covered in mud and getting away from it all, well that is how we spent Cup Day. We didn't catch any fish, but who cares, the day was beautiful, and the company was too bad either. You can see more of my images at www.margiparton.com