Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day with the Mistress.

Hi there, it's me Eddie, I've had a fantastic day today. Our family has just purchased one of those things they call a "Tinny". It floats on the water, roars very loudly and goes very fast, especially when the mistress says, "give it a bit of stick darl" I thought you only got the stick when you dug up the Spanish Walking Irises, or carried your dinner inside to eat on Nana's carpet, but I was wrong. Anyway because it was Valentines Day we took the tinny out for a run up Tingalpa Creek, slowing down and showing consideration for others when necessary naturally. Nana's knuckles were very white, she was hanging on very tightly I noticed. We didn't do any fishing, maybe next time. What a great day.

Tingalpa Creek in the tinny.

The humans took the three of us lovely little mutts for a boat ride today, I have to say it was pretty exciting skimming across the water in the tinny. What a way to spend Valentines Day. you can see more of the mistresses pics by visiting and do leave a comment here.